We offer 2 different tickets

Catch and Keep (2 or 3 fish), thereafter Catch & Release (C&R) 6 fish maximum


Tickets are 8am until dusk (last cast 8.00pm during summer months).


The ticketing system supports our re-stocking policy and helps improve fish welfare. 


Refund Policy


No refunds/credits if a booking is cancelled within 8 hours of the reservation time. 


Credits, when given, need to be used within 4 weeks of the original reservation time. 

Day Tickets: 8am - 6pm

2 fish then C&R - £55

3 fish then C&R - £60


Half Day Tickets will be reinstated when day light hours permit (before April)



Frensham Gift Coupons

Our Frensham Fishing Coupons make perfect gifts at any time of the year!


Simply purchase below, then pass on the coupon code. 

The recipient simply enters the code when making a booking. 


Any remaining credit can be used for future bookings, or top-ups can be made at the time of booking. 

Choose either a £50 coupon or a £100 coupon. 

Thank you!

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