My personal, real, secret diary ... is only for me to read. But since I still want to share my experiences with you, here's my online diary.

Happy Birthday from The Reel Friends!

Richard Twite sadly passed away 28th January 2017


We were together many years, I was with him during the time he decided to purchase the land he named Robinswood.

He designed, constructed the lakes now known as Frensham Trout Fishery...

We have had many happy years there meeting new people who have often become good friends over time. He has taught people how to fly fish, brought & sold tackle, had alot of laughs along the way too.

He will be missed by many, I hope to carry on his work with a few alterations in time...

It is one of the treasures he has left his mark

on in this world, gone but never forgotten...


The Main lake at Robinswood.

Where the huge  BEECH & OAK trees line the left bank, we spend many hours here clearing up leaves, branches, finding flies, line, debris left by people!

please take your rubbish home! the wildlife don't want it either...


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